Gable Conservatory, Kent

A flamboyant space extension for your home

Gable Conservatory

If you are looking for a dramatic yet elegant gable conservatory, we are the right choice for you. Affix Windows offer the supply and installation of conservatories throughout Sidcup, Dartford, Welling, Blacken, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst, Kent, and London.

A gable conservatory is a wonderful way to create additional room. In addition, you also get a dramatic feature that acts as a talking point.

The shape of a gable conservatory is a simple yet unique rectangle or square. What makes it so unique is the gable-front roof. This is a historic architectural element. However, we fit the conservatory with modern materials to give you beautiful form and enhanced function.

The gable conservatory makes a wonderful addition to almost any property. However, you get the best effect if its installed in a larger area. That allows you to show off its flamboyant roof, which can be made from glass or alternatively, we offer tiled conservatory roofs.

gable conservatory prices Dartford Kent

Get a High Quality Gable Conservatory from Affix Windows

At Affix Windows, we aspire to give you only the best products. This is why we work with industry-leading companies like Origin. In conjunction with them, we bring you high quality conservatories.

We give you a gable conservatory installation with remarkable features that is stunning to look at. Moreover, it will also be strong and durable. As a result, you will get an extension you can enjoy for years in any weather.

What’s more, you get a versatile space that can be used in any way you want. The extension will make the perfect dining room, kitchen extension, or an extended living room. You can even use it as a den or a home office. No matter how you use it, the fact remains that your gable conservatory will give you a bright and warm space. It will also improve the performance of your home.

Exquisite Space Extensions in Kent

A gable conservatory is bound to enhance any Kent home. Our conservatories are all designed for stunning features and exquisite good looks. Moreover, they are precision-engineered to your specifications. As a result, they blend in seamlessly with your property.

The best part is, you can customise your gable conservatory in looks as well as technical details. We give you complete freedom to choose the colour and finish that you want. If you want an authentic wooden look for your conservatory, you can get it easily. We are also happy to give you a standard or even a bright bespoke colour.

Your style options extend to the choice of doors and windows as well. In fact, we offer a full selection of conservatory doors for you to choose from!

uPVC gable conservatory

Garden Rooms with Great Features

You can get a gable conservatory in your choice of materials. We offer both uPVC and aluminium as options. As a result, you can decide on what is the right look for your home.

Both the options give you an amazing range of features. These will not only improve your home space but also give you advanced performance.

Heat Efficient

All our conservatories have been designed to give you greater heat efficiency. They score high on the Windows Energy Ratings. As a result, your home becomes warmer and more energy efficient.

Moreover, our double glazing adds another layer of insulation. Thus, you get a home that warms up quickly. What’s more, it stays warm even after your heating is off.

Since you no longer have to run your heating very long as as high, you will find a marked difference in your energy bills.

Weatherproof Extensions in Kent

In addition to maintaining thermal efficiency, also we install your gable conservatory following extremely strict standards for installation. One of the things we ensure is proper weatherproofing. As a result, your conservatory successfully keeps out draughts and water seepage.

The gable conservatory gives you a warm and dry room that is great for any weather.

High Security with Our Gable Conservatory

Our conservatory installation complies with every industry regulation. Moreover, you get enhanced strength from the uPVC and aluminium profiles. As a result, you get a secure conservatory that protects your home and family.

In addition, we fit our conservatories with high security locking mechanisms.  These serve to give complete protection to your home in Sidcup, Dartford, and surrounding Kent areas.

aluminium gable conservatory

Tailored Style – Bespoke Gable Conservatory

At Affix Windows, we believe in unmatched customer service. We shall assist and guide you from the time you contact us till the installation is complete. What’s more, we’ll ensure that the style, performance, and features of the gable conservatory are exactly what you want.

In order to give you a viable design, our expert designers will work with you. They will help you create a design that is to your taste, yet practical.

Once your design is ready, our installation team will take over. They will fit your gable conservatory efficiently and reliably. What’s more, they will follow every safety procedure so your life isn’t disrupted. Finally, when they leave, they will tidy up after themselves so you can enjoy your new space almost immediately.

uPVC Conservatory Brochure – Ultraframe

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Gable Conservatory Prices, Kent

Homeowners in Sidcup, Dartford, Welling, Blacken, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chislehurst, Kent, and London love our gable conservatory prices. With the choices that we offer, you get exactly the product you want. As a result, you will benefit from excellent value for your money.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your gable conservatory, you can contact us for information. We have an experienced team that is happy to guide you through your purchase.

Alternatively, we offer our online quoting engine. This is a great way to get quick and instant quotes. Simply enter your requirements and get a personalised quote almost in seconds!

Gable Conservatory Colour Options

Gable Conservatory Kent


Gable Conservatory Sidcup


Gable Conservatory Sicup, Kent

Antique Teak

Gable Conservatory Kent

Irish Oak

Gable Conservatory Sidcup

Golden Oak

Gable Conservatory Sidcup, Kent

Soft Cherry

Gable Conservatory Kent


Gable Conservatory Kent


Gable Conservatory Sidcup

Anthracite Grey

Gable Conservatory Sicup, Kent

Light Grey

Gable Conservatory Kent


Gable Conservatory Sidcup


Gable Conservatory Sidcup, Kent


Gable Conservatory Kent


Gable Conservatory Design Options

Safety First

We offer a wide range of conservatory style options in order to ensure you find the perfect one for your home with ease. We’ll tailor your conservatory to you, guaranteeing satisfaction throughout.

Swift & Smooth

Our team of expert conservatory fitters will install your new conservatory to the highest standards. This will allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing everything has been handled properly.

Two To Eight Door Sets

All of our conservatories are designed to excel, offering impressive standards of thermal efficiency, security and durability. Enhance your home with the best and enjoy high quality home improvements, today.

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