Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

For Gillingham homeowners, our installation of aluminium doors from leading manufacturer AluK offers the best in thermal efficiency and heat retention. Intelligently designed, the doors are among the most efficient available on the market, boasting incredible U-values. As well as providing incredible insulation, the durable aluminium construction of these doors gives them a competitive edge in terms of strength and security, making them an ideal investment for any Gillingham home.

Excellent Home Security

Our aluminium doors are designed to resist all forms of break-in attempts. The doors are constructed using only the highest quality materials, making them incredibly durable and reliable. These robust doors can provide an excellent barrier to keep intruders out, no matter the burglar’s technique. Not only are these doors constructed with superior materials, they are also engineered to be aesthetically pleasing, so they will easily fit in with your home’s overall design. With Affix Windows, you can rest assured that your new door is secure while also adding an elegant touch to your home.

Low Maintenance Profiles

Gillingham homeowners can rest assured that their new aluminium doors will be low maintenance and resilient against the toughest of weather elements. Every door is made from the highest quality aluminium to ensure durability, so they will not suffer from rusting, warping, or rotting like other materials. Plus, the intelligent design minimises upkeep and ensures an aesthetically pleasing yet lightweight solution. With the advanced technology used to fabricate these doors, Gillingham homeowners can enjoy their new doors without the hassle of maintenance for many years to come.

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Durable Aluminium Doors

Our double glazed aluminium doors provide Gillingham homeowners with a secure and reliable addition to their homes; with unrivalled levels of protection thanks to their universally robust multi-point locking systems. Not only this, but our aluminium doors are designed to withstand the British weather and are more than conducive to our fickle climate. The high impact double glazing is incredibly strong and resilient and the aluminium frames will remain in excellent condition for many years to come, offering bespoke protection combined with enduring style. We work tirelessly to ensure that you house is safe from intruders and are dedicated to providing home owners in Gillinghame with the ultimate security solution.

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Low Mainenance Design

Aluminium doors are a great investment for busy Gillingham homeowners as they require minimal maintenance. All you need to do is simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and your door will look as good as new. Not only will this cut down on the time and energy it would take to maintain or repair a different door material, but it will also give you more free time to pursue activities you enjoy. With our aluminium doors, you can free up your mind, wallet, and time to make home improvement a stress-free experience.

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EMPLAS Aluminium doors Kent

Quality Manufacturers

EMPLAS are award winning manufacturers of aluminium products. We use their AluK bi-fold and sliding patio doors because we are confident that they are of the highest quality for our customers. Established in 1979, they have forty years of experience and have become one of the UK’s largest aluminium windows and doors suppliers. EMPLAS still operates as a family-owned business, and they are committed to having a no-compromise approach to product quality.

Excellent Efficiency

In addition to increased thermal efficiency, the aluminium doors fitted in your Gillingham home will also provide unrivaled energy efficiency. The improved insulation will hold the warm air inside, ensuring that you consume less energy by having to use your central heating system less in winter. By relying less on your heating, you can enjoy lower energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, the double glazing fitted as standard within the aluminium doors will create an efficient thermal barrier that maintains a comfortable temperature inside your property even in the densest winter weather. Lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint are two of the many advantages you can enjoy with our aluminium doors.

Bifold Aluminium Doors

At Affix Windows, our aluminium bi-fold doors are brimming with benefits. For Gillingham homeowners, they represent security, warmth and style all rolled into one. Featuring a folding system which allows up to 90% unimpeded access when the doors are opened, they are the ideal choice for wheelchair users and larger gatherings alike. Our doors come in a range of contemporary colours, offering a beautiful finish to modern or traditional properties. We promise to deliver the highest quality with an affordable price tag so that all our Gillingham-based customers can enjoy these sleek, stylish and high-performance doors.

Aluminium Patio Doors

These innovative aluminium patio doors offer homeowners in Gillingham a chance to upgrade their traditional sliding doors, providing a stylish, contemporary finish. As well as providing a range of top-quality safety features, these precision-engineered doors feature ultra-slim profiles, allowing maximum light into your home and outstanding thermal performance. There’s also an extremely variety when it comes to colours, with everything from classic British shades and bright, vibrant hues, to subtle pastel styles; every choice seems to blur the line between form and function. All our aluminium patio doors are manufactured using the very latest in double glazing technology for stunning home improvements.

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