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Ultion Nuki Locks

Here at Affix Windows, we are proud to offer Ultion Nuki locks, which offer a range of security features, including automatic unlocking and locking, which can be done from anywhere through an app on a Smart platform of your choice.

The Ultrion handle and lock on the external of your door look similar to usual, whereas the inside handle is a button or can be turned for manual operation. This is paired with the Nuki smart technology, which provides your home with a secure locking system. For homes looking for a sleeker and more modern look, this lock and handle can also be upgraded to a keyfob or wireless keypad with fingerprint recognition. It also comes with a standard key for a traditional locking option.

The Ultion Nuki handle and lock are designed with your property’s security in mind. Fitted with a 3-star plus Ultion lock and Nuki’s high AV security rating, this lock offers superior protection.

The handles we offer can be tailored to your home, as they come in 8 unique finishes and colours. We understand that kerb appeal is important, so we only supply and install locks and handles on your doors that achieve the desired look you are searching for.

These locks and handles are also made to fit uPVC and composite doors perfectly and are easy to install, so they will not take any further time during the installation process of your new doors.

Reach out to our team to learn more about the Ultion Nuki locks and handles we supply and install, and for a quote for your new doors.

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We offer Kubu on our windows, which is designed to work alongside a multipoint locking system to provide highly secure locking for your home. It also includes smart technology. Kubu can not only tell you when your windows are open and closed but also when they are fully secured and left in vent mode, making it the smartest window technology on the market.

Kubu also offers 100% accurate security, so it will only tell you that your window is entirely secure once the handle is completely shut. The technology is also completely concealed within the window frame, so not only do you not have to sacrifice the overall look of your windows for additional security, but it would also make it incredibly difficult for intruders to remove the sensors, so your windows will be secure for the long term. It can also send alerts if the sensor is actively being tampered with, ensuring complete control and knowledge over what is happening with your property from wherever you are.

This technology is also based on your daily activities and uses remote data to send alerts when you need them the most. For example, your windows will now alert you before it starts raining so you can ensure your windows are shut!

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about Kuu and how we can help you make your property more secure in the long term. Get a quote for your Kubu windows from Affix Windows.

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Electrochromic Glass

Affix Windows install electrochromic glass from Morley’s , which ensures your property is protected against solar radiation and allows you to decide and control how much natural light is allowed into your house. This smart glass means you will not have to invest in alternative shade options.

This style of glass is controlled by electrical power, so when electrical power is provided to the window, the window will begin to darken, providing solar shading and making the need for blinds redundant. This glass can also be tinted to reduce visibility, aiding in creating a private space within your property.

The electrochromic glass can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, so you can personalise this style of glass to match the windows and doors within your property perfectly.

Contact our team for more information on the electrochromic glass we offer, and for a quote for your electrochromic glass projects.

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Smart Products

Here at Affix Windows, we aim to install windows and doors that not only perform well in your property but also improve your quality of life in your home. Get in touch for more information on the smart products we offer and how these can benefit you in your property. Our team of experts is on hand to answer any of your questions and provide an accurate quote for your specific projects.

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