Residence 9 Windows, Kent

Our Residence Collection Windows Make The Perfect Replacement Window For Traditional Homes in Sidcup & Kent.

Residence Collection Windows

Affix Windows supply and install beautiful windows from the Residence collection in Sidcup, DartfordBexleyheathWelling, Bromley, ChislehurstKent and areas of London. A member of our expert team will be on hand to ensure you get the ideal fit for your home.

Residence collection windows specialise in bringing harmony between traditional appearance with modern performance. Hailed as ‘the way windows are meant to be’, Residence windows are a luxury option for any homeowner looking to add a touch of sophistication and character to their property.

Residence collection windows guarantee peace of mind, offering a design that achieves Secured by Design standards of home security. This means that they have been put through a stringent and meticulous testing process, excelling across the board and are approved by the Police.

Types of Windows We Offer

Residence 7

Our beautiful range of Residence 7 windows is perfect for homeowners wanting to redefine their living space with a traditional design that offers modern features. The elegant flush sash of both the interior and exterior gives the R7 a chic and contemporary aesthetic that will suit both period and new build properties. The window has seven chambers and is 75mm wide. This ensures superior performance in its thermal, acoustic, security and strength performance, without compromising on its sleek design.

Residence 9

The Residence 9 windows we offer combine traditional aesthetics with modern design. The impressive nine chambers will provide your Sidcup home with excellent thermal performance. Available in a vast spectrum of colours and styles, you can add modern appeal to your home with a truly bespoke slimline Residence collection window that suits your style.

Residence ²

The new Residence² windows are incredibly slim in their design while offering impressive features to enhance your home in Sidcup further. The sleek aesthetic adds modern appeal to your property while providing a traditional style that will suit both period and new properties. The slimline design doesn’t compromise on the excellent features the R² has to offer. Benefit from superior security, thermal performance and durability, while enjoying the expansive views of your exterior surroundings.

Timber Replacement Windows

Our Residence Collection effortlessly captures the look of high-quality timber, while offering modern standards of thermal efficiency, durability, performance and security. It’s never been easier to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Residence collection windows in Kent bring the best in traditional form and contemporary function, so you won’t have to settle for less.

Available in a wide range of styles, these windows can easily be fitted to complement any type of property throughout Kent and London. This means that it doesn’t matter whether your home is traditional or modern. The residence collection windows will prove themselves to be a beautiful addition to both modern and period homes alike.

Residence collection Windows have been specifically designed to replicate designs from the 19th century. This makes them particularly perfect for those in conservation areas who are looking for a way to maintain the original aesthetic of their home. They can also benefit from all the excellent features that the modern windows have to offer.

Residence 9 Windows Sidcup

Authentic Appearance, Modern Design

Residence collection windows include a range of features that allow them to offer Sidcup and Kent homeowners the very best in traditional appearance. This means that they provide an aesthetic that delivers satisfaction right down to even the most subtle details.

These features include ‘Foiled Easy Clean Rebates’, ‘Traditional Sightlines’, ‘Georgian Bars’, ‘Authentic Butt Hinges’, ‘Handles and Stays’, ‘Bays and Cornerposts’ and ‘Authentic Cill Details’. High quality by design, these windows excel in offering you more than your standard wooden window.

With this vast amount of choice on offer, your Residence collection windows in Sidcup can be perfectly designed to suit your tastes. We will help to completely transform your property with tailor-made windows that suit both you and the style of your property.

Thermally Efficient Wood Replacement Windows

Although these double glazed windows offer a timber appearance, they don’t falter with any of its setbacks. By using modern techniques, Residence collection windows achieve impressive standards of thermal efficiency. This means you can enjoy a stylish addition that promises a warmer home, keeping the winter winds at bay.

Their multi-chambered design means they can achieve a Windows Energy Rating of ‘A+’. Adding this standard of heat retention to your home could allow you to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint simultaneously. You could find yourself using your central heating far less after having your Residence collection windows fitted, meaning you’ll pay less on your energy bills.

Residence 9 Window Installations Sidcup Kent

Authentic Residence Collection Window Colours

Our Residence collection can be decorated in a range of beautiful colours, inspired by classic 19th-century designs. This includes ‘Grained White’, ‘Cotswold Biscuit’, ‘Clotted Cream’, ‘Cotswold Green’, ‘Painswick’, ‘English Oak’, ‘Irish Oak’, ‘Silvered Oak’, ‘Eclectic Grey’, ‘No 10 Black’, ‘Corse Lawn’ and ‘Vintage Cream’.

We also offer a dual colour option, which allows you to decorate the interior and exterior of your window in two different colours. This means you’ll be able to complement the interior and exterior of your home simultaneously. The Residence collection with Affix Windows means you never have to compromise on getting the perfect windows for your home.

Detailed Hand Finishing

The Residence collection comprises of a design that is inspired by traditional timber joinery techniques, allowing them to emulate the beauty of a conventional build truly. As these windows are updated to the modern age, they combine contemporary manufacturing techniques with a meticulous standard of craftsmanship that comes with hand finishing.

When this is combined with their beautiful flush appearance, our Residence collection in Kent are sure to be a worthwhile investment for any home. This approach allows these windows to be an undeniably authentic home improvement solution. Redefine window and door appearance and functionality for a beautiful and eye-catching addition.

Residence 9 Windows Kent

Residence Collection Brochure

Residence Collection Prices, Sidcup

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our installations and competitive Residence collection prices in Sidcup, Dartford, Bromley and throughout Kent. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the perfect timber replacement window price that completely suits you.

You can contact us via our online contact form if you require any more information regarding our windows or have any other questions. You can also reach us on 02083 160 197. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have for your Sidcup and Kent home improvements.

Residence Collection Glass Options

Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass

Charcoal Sticks™

Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


Residence Collection Obscured Glass


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