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Origin Bifold Doors

Origin’s Aluminium Bifold Doors provide your home with an uninterrupted external view, allowing you to enjoy both your internal and external spaces simultaneously. 

Origin offers three styles of aluminium bifold doors: OS-29, OS-44, and OS-77. The OS-29 bifold door is the smallest aluminium door style that Origin offer, with the slimmest sightlines, perfect for smaller homes looking to enhance the amount of natural light they allow into their home. The Origin OS-44 and OS-77 Bifolding Doors have larger sightlines for a more elegant and traditional patio door appeal. 

All of Origins Aluminium Bifold Doors are made bespoke to your home, including the system type, size, colour and handle style. We can also create a configuration for your aluminium patio doors that works best for your home, including how many glass panels are included in the design.

Origin OS-22 sliding door - two people at dining table eating dinner in front of sliding door

Origin Sliding Doors

Origin supplies aluminium sliding doors, which provide a beautiful finish for your home improvement project. Our sliding doors have excellent thermal performance and are designed with specific tracks, allowing the doors to be opened with ease for years to come. 

The tracks used for our sliding doors are dependent on the style of sliding door configuration you choose for your home, as the larger doors would require double or triple track sliders to ensure they function accordingly. The safety of your home is also a high priority for us. Therefore, we ensure that all of the aluminium sliding doors we offer have hidden tracks, to prevent your family from trapping their fingers or toes in the tracks when moving around the doors.

Origin offers a range of aluminium sliding doors for your home improvement projects. The OS-20 Slimline Artisan Slider is our ultraslim sliding door with sightlines of 20mm. The glass used in the OS-20 Slider is structurally sealed for better thermal efficiency. It is fitted with a six-point locking system and e-toughened glass, allowing you to upgrade your home securely, providing peace of mind. The Origin OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77 also offer some of the slimmest sightlines in the sliding door market, all completely customisable to your home, varying only in size and glazing options, with the 0S-29 fitted with semi-dry glazing compared to the OS-44 and OS-77 which are both dry glazed.

Origin OW-80 French windows in kitchen

Origin Windows

To pair with the sliding or bifold doors that Origin supplies, Origin also supplies windows. Origins OW-80 Windows are aluminium casement windows, providing strength with their aluminium frame and high-quality Encloser locking system. 

These windows will not warp or rot the way that traditional wooden or timber frames would, ensuring your home is energy and thermally secure throughout the year. The Origin OW-80 Windows are also low maintenance, needing only the occasional wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water to keep your windows looking fresh for longer, perfect for busy households. 

Origin also offers OW-70 Windows, a slimmer sightlined window compared to the OW-80, perfect for properties looking for a modern, sleek design with a large external view. The most significant difference between the OW-70 and OW-80 windows that Origin offers is the style and look of the windows. Whilst the OW-80 boasts an internal flush casement style, the OW-70 has a slimmer frame, maximising both the view from the window and the amount of natural light allowed into the home. The OW-70 Windows also have a flush external finish for an elegant finish to your home.

Origin internal door with black frae and multiple glass square panels

Origin Internal Door

Origin also offers a range of internal doors to ensure your home is accessible and aesthetic. Origins OI-30 Single Door provides a stylish aesthetic to your home’s interior doors, and is customisable to the finest details. These doors can be customised to fit your home’s size needs, can be glazed or blackout, and can have statement handles from our signature, heritage or contemporary collections. 

Origin also offers an internal French door, perfect for larger openings in your home, and is made with durable materials, perfect for the hustle and bustle of home life. These doors can also be configured specifically for your home and can open inwards or outwards, depending on the space you have within your residence. 

The Origin OI-30 Corner Configuration is perfect if you are looking to separate areas in your home without compromising natural light or space with large walls. This style of internal door is also customisable to your space needs, including size options, hardware options and glazing.

Origin Kensington range residential door with brick porch

Origin Residential Door

The Origin Aluminium Front Door is a customisable front door, perfect for matching your front door style to your property’s current aesthetic. The Origin Residential Door comes with ten different panel options, each designed with different needs in mind. The Sandringham range offers up to four squares or two large panels of glass, perfect for homeowners who want to flood their home with natural light, compared to the Kensington range, which can also offer up to 4 window panels, or can have no glass included in its design and finish. 

Create an entranceway that is bespoke to your home, offers security and thermal efficiency, and showcases your home’s aesthetic and personality from the first look.

Sitting room with internal black door with square glass panels

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