Insulated Aluminium Windows

While aluminium has traditionally been considered a poor insulation material, we have eliminated this problem using modern innovations. Our aluminium windows use Aerogel technology and double glazing to give you tremendous heat efficiency. As a result, your Bexleyheath home becomes warmer even with reduced energy usage. This means your home stays warm and cosy while your energy bills and carbon footprint get lowered.

Aluminium Windows for Protection

The strength of our sturdy aluminium windows makes them perfect for protecting your Bexleyheath home from intruders. They easily repel any attempts of physical damage, putting off even the most determined unwanted visitor. In addition, we give you aluminium windows fitted with advanced locking systems. These tamper-proof locks combine with the resilience of the profile to give you comprehensive security for you and your family.

Low Maintenance Aluminium Windows

The sturdiness of our durable aluminium windows comes from the fact that the material is extremely resilient. It does not rust like iron or rot and decay like wood. You will not find it warping, buckling, or cracking in the heat and cold. Even the colour does not peel or flake. As a result, all you need to do to maintain them is to wipe them with a damp cloth. This, along with clearing the dirt and debris from their opening mechanisms, is all you need to do to keep them clean.

At Affix Windows, we provide stunning aluminium windows in Bexleyheath and the neighbouring areas. These double glazed windows from AluK, Schuco and Arkay are slim yet strong, giving your home a modern look while maintaining its security. As aluminium is a flexible material, you can get aluminium windows in unconventional shapes as well. Once they are constructed, these double glazed windows give you rigidity for unrelenting protection.

This strength also makes our aluminium windows extremely durable. They resist physical damage quite easily. However, they are also able to resist the damaging action of the sun, wind, cold, and rain. Unlike timber windows, our double glazed aluminium windows don’t rot or decay.

They also give you fabulous heat efficiency, making your home warmer. These windows add a layer of insulation that keeps the heat trapped inside. As a result, you don’t need as much heating to warm your rooms or keep them at a comfortable temperature.

When we install your aluminium windows, we also ensure that they are suitably sealed. This means that you don’t have to worry about a draughty home or damp inside the house. Our weatherproof aluminium windows keep condensation and mould away just as effectively as the cold.

The best part is, our double glazing in Bexleyheath available in a range of designs and colour choices. As a result, you can pick the style that is best suited to your vision of your home. You can match them to the décor of your home or the exterior.

Aluminium Window Costs Bexleyheath

Heat Retention

We give you aluminium windows that utilise modern technology to give you exceptional thermal efficiency. These double glazed windows can help you lower your energy bills by keeping the warmth inside your rooms contained.

Secure Windows

We give you strong aluminium windows fitted with advanced locking systems. Combined with their inordinate strength, these windows can give you and your family complete protection even against the most determined intruders.

Aluminium Window Styles Bexleyheath

Tailored Windows

When you get your aluminium windows from Affix Windows, you can tailor them to suit your needs perfectly. This includes getting them in the size and specifications you want, as well as in the right colour. We offer a wide spectrum of colours and finishes you can choose from, including woodgrain foils to make your aluminium windows match the timber aesthetic of your home.

Low Maintenance

With our aluminium windows in Bexleyheath, you won’t have to spend a lot of time caring for your double glazing. These windows require none of the care that wooden windows do. Simply use a cloth soaked in soapy water to wipe them and your windows will remain bright and sparkling.

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EMPLAS Aluminium Windows Bexleyheath

Quality Manufacturers

EMPLAS manufacturer all of our aluminium products, including the AluK windows. They are award winning aluminium manufacturers and have become one of the UK’s largest and best in the industry. EMPLAS still operate as a family-owned business with over four decades of experience. They always practice a no-compromise approach to quality control which gives us the confidence that we are supplying our customers with the best possible products. EMPLAS are renowned for their energy efficient innovations that are unrivalled in window manufacture.

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