Secure Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows are designed to withstand high levels of attempted entry and force. Our aluminium windows are fitted with intricate, tamper-proof locking systems for a more secure home. These windows and frames are also inherently strong, perfect for ensuring your home is protected against outside forces.

Energy Efficient Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows supplied by Affix Windows are specially designed to keep your Sevenoaks home warm and to, in turn, reduce your energy bills. Our aluminium windows are created with modern Aerogel technology and fitted with double glazing, ensuring a tight seal around the window to avoid draughts entering the home. Our aluminium windows, due to their slim sightlines, also allow for a large amount of natural light to be permitted into the home, which in turn will help to decrease electricity bills from having internal lights on for longer periods of time.

Customisable Aluminium Windows

We are aware that the aesthetic look of your home is an essential element when considering upgrading your property. Our aluminium windows Sevenoaks can be tailored to fit your home perfectly; we offer a wide range of colours and woodgrain foils for a more traditional look, a variety of styles that can be designed to fit your needs, and all of your windows are made to measure to ensure they fit into your home space with no issue.

Here at Affix Windows, we offer a wide range of beautiful aluminium windows for your Sevenoaks home. This style of double glazed window gives your home a modern look and excellent durability to all outside elements. We supply our aluminium windows Sevenoaks from AlUK, Arkay and Schuco, whom we partner with to ensure that the windows we supply are of the highest standard and quality.

These aluminium windows Sevenoaks provide your home with the highest standard of security, both structurally and for energy efficiency. Fitted with well-developed locking systems and strong materials, these windows ensure that even the most determined intruder would struggle to access your home.

Energy efficiency is an element of purchasing a new window that can hugely sway your choice. The aluminium windows we offer at Affix Windows are highly energy efficient. Fitted with double glazing and designed to fit securely into your home to stop draughts, these windows are also weatherproof, keeping your house secure from adverse weather conditions and keeping the warmth inside.

Our aluminium windows Sevenoaks are also available in a range of colours and designs, therefore can be tailored to precisely fit your home’s aesthetic and taste, bringing your dream home vision to life.

Low Maintenance

Our aluminium windows Sevenoaks are great for a busy household. Due to their low maintenance profiles, these windows can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them much easier to care for, and allowing you more time to spend on other household obligations. We pride ourselves on supplying aluminium windows Sevenoaks that you can keep looking fresh for years to come without excessive effort.

Tailored to Fit

Aluminium windows Sevenoaks designed and installed by Affix Windows are made to fit and, therefore, made to last. Our expert team of designers will consider your window size, dimensions, and needs when creating your windows, ensuring that the windows we install are perfect for your home.

Internal view of the aluminium windows frame and hardware

Retaining Your Existing Heat

Our aluminium windows Sevenoaks are thermally secure, perfect for keeping your home’s energy efficiency levels low. The frames are built with modern technology, and our installers ensure that all of the seams around the windows are filled to ensure your home does not become draughty or begin absorbing water.

Slim Sightlines for Maximum Impact

Here at Affix Windows, the aluminium windows Sevenoaks we provide have slim sightlines, allowing for a wider glass area and, therefore, giving a better external view. This also allows for a sleeker, minimalistic aesthetic that would enhance any property type exponentially.

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EMPLAS Aluminium Windows Bexleyheath

Quality Manufacturers

EMPLAS manufacturer all of our aluminium products, including the AluK windows. They are award winning aluminium manufacturers and have become one of the UK’s largest and best in the industry. EMPLAS still operate as a family-owned business with over four decades of experience. They always practice a no-compromise approach to quality control which gives us the confidence that we are supplying our customers with the best possible products. EMPLAS are renowned for their energy efficient innovations that are unrivalled in window manufacture.

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