Heat Efficient Bi-Fold Doors

Windows and doors can be the weakest points in your quest for a warmer home. This is why our bi-fold doors are designed to give you exceptional heat protection. They create a barrier of insulation, keeping the warmth trapped inside. Since you don’t need as much heating to warm your home and keep it warm, you end up saving money on annual heating bills. This gives you a more efficient home with a lowered carbon footprint.

Sustainable Bi-Fold Doors

Our aluminium bi-fold doors aren’t just great for your heating bills. They are also the best choice for the environment. The most obvious way in which they help the environment is by lowering your energy consumption. However, they are also completely recyclable so they don’t end up in landfills. Most importantly, aluminium doesn’t lose its strength no matter how many times it is reused, making it the sustainable choice.

Secure Bi-Fold Doors

The strength of aluminium allows these bi-fold doors in Bexleyheath to protect your home from intruders. Not only do they come with a rigid profile but we also fit them with advanced locking systems. The two features work together to give you a home that is secure for you and your family. These doors ensure that no intruder can physically force their way into your home at any point, allowing you to sleep in peace at night.

With our bi-fold doors in Bexleyheath, you can add a stunning style to your home while improving the way you manage your space. These elegant doors fold away into panels giving you more usable space and an opening that is almost completely open for you to use. Since they open so compactly, they are suitable for interior as well as exterior doors.

While we also install uPVC bi-fold doors in Bexleyheath, our aluminium bi-fold doors give you that extra-sleek style. This is because aluminium offers inordinate strength that allows the door profile to be slimmer.

Due to the slimline profile, your bi-folding doors have more glass to frame ratio. This means you get a cleaner design with unobstructed views. The best part is, the slim profile does not compromise the strength or security of your doors.

The sleek design of our bi-fold doors in Bexleyheath is further complemented with a selection of colour options. You can tailor your double glazing in Bexleyheath to match your home’s exterior or the interior and décor. This allows them to look like a seamless part of your property’s structure.

You can also determine the size of your bi-folding doors and the number and width of the panels. Since the length can be extended by adding on panels, you can even replace a whole wall with these doors. This way, you can create a large glazed area that gives you stunning views without letting the room become overly cold.

Our double glazed bi-fold doors from AluK and Arkay are designed to give you superior levels of heat protection with our double glazing in Bexleyheath. They keep the warmth trapped inside, giving you a warmer home which uses less energy in heating. As a result, not only do our bi-fold doors give your home a stunning style but also lower your carbon footprint.

Bi-Fold Doors Bexleyheath

Thermal Efficiency

Our bi-folding doors are designed to keep your home warm in all weathers. They give you superior insulation that helps you keep your Bexleyheath home warm even with lower energy usage.


We give you strong and secure aluminium bi-fold doors fitted with modern locking systems. These doors give you the security and protection that you and your family deserve.

Bi-Fold Door Prices Bexleyheath

Weather Protection

Our bi-fold door installation includes weatherproofing measures that seal your home from cold draughts and rainwater seepage. As a result, your home is not only warm and dry but also free from condensation and damp-related problems.

Colour Choice

In order to give you the freedom to design your bi-fold doors to your liking, we give you a huge selection of colours and finishes. You can use them to match your doors to the colour scheme of your home. We even offer woodgrain finishes that can be used to make your doors look just like wooden ones.

Easy Care

Unlike timber doors, our resilient bi-fold doors need minimal care to keep them looking good and functioning optimally. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is enough to keep them free from stains and dirt. They also resist wear and tear and damage caused by the elements.

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