Keeping your Home Warm

We know how frustrating it can be to have a constant draught in your home or to feel like you’re losing quite a lot of the heat you pay for out of your composite front door when it’s supposed to keep the cold air out. Composite doors are renowned for their energy efficiency and are specifically designed to improve the insulation of your home. We make it easy for you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable home.

Sustainable Design

How sustainable we are and, in particular, how sustainable the industry is, is becoming more and more important. Whilst it may seem difficult to find new composite doors in Bromley which is energy-efficient, secure and sustainable it could actually be far easier than you think. Within our range of high-quality composite doors, we have a selection which is also 100% recyclable.

Secure Composite Doors

Our composite doors are built for maximum security, to protect you, your family and your home from any unwanted intruders. Our doors are inherently secure due to their design and the combination of materials they’re made out of. This perfect combination makes the Bromley composite doors virtually indestructible and acts a great deterrent to intruders trying to find their way into your home.

We offer leading composite doors in the understanding of the importance of having a door which really fits the feel and period of your home and your desired look. That’s why we offer our clients in Bromley a wide range of designs and colour finishes, meaning you can find and design the perfect, unique door for your home.

We’ve brought together, and combined, the two important elements of incredible aesthetics and outstanding performance when designing our collection of composite doors. With an unbelievable amount of customisation options, we enable and work with you to make a truly bespoke door that’s got everything you want and need, a guaranteed good investment for your home.

Our composite doors collection is a combination of two industry-leading brands. For those looking to add a hint of style and sophistication to their homes, the Solidor range is a perfect choice. But, no matter what you choose all of our doors will make a stunning addition to your Bromley property which is durable and secure.

One of our most popular composite doors styles is found in the ranges which are designed to look similar to the traditional timber doors. These doors are particularly ideal for heritage properties or homes in areas of conservation as our timber effect doors maintain that classic look but require little to no upkeep and are not susceptible to things such as rot or warping, which is often the downfall of timber doors.

In addition to this, the robust exteriors of our entrance doors surfaces mean that they are entirely resistant to scratching, minor damage and will not peel as timber doors do. By adding an Affix composite door to your Bromley home you’re choosing a stylish composite front door that will remain that way for many years to come.

Composite Front Doors Bromley

Save Money with Composite Doors

With innovative profiles our wide range of composite doors are great at trapping heat inside, meaning that regardless of how cold it gets outside you’ll only need to use a small amount of added heat to keep your home at a cosy temperature. The less you use your heating the less money you’ll have to spend on energy bills and you’ll lower your carbon footprint, meaning your composite doors will save money.

Composite Doors Fitted Bromley

The Greener Choice

However, recyclable doesn’t mean that these composite doors are any weaker, or any less energy efficient than any of our other composite doors, they’ve all met exactly the same standards. This means that you can save money and save the planet, whilst knowing you’re perfectly safe within your home. You get the best of both worlds when you choose Affix.

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Secure Front Doors

In addition to this in-built method of security, all of our composite doors come high security locking systems by Ultion. These systems are fully integrated into your composite entrance door, meaning they can’t be accessed or tampered with by anybody and there are no leverage points for break-in tools. With Affix composite doors, you can rest easy in the full knowledge that your Bromley home is as secure as it possibly can be.

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