Energy Efficient Composite Doors

In all homes, the greatest amount of heat loss is through your windows and doors. By choosing Affix, however, we can lessen this. Our composite doors will provide exceptional insulation to your Gillingham home. The insulated core of the door is protected by layers of waterproof skins, allowing them to keep the heat inside and the cold draughts and rainwater outside, giving you a comfortable homed.

Recyclable Composite Doors

As well as keeping your energy bills low, our composite doors are made from recyclable materials. As they will help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your Kent home, they also won’t burden the environment and end up in landfills. This means that you’ll be well and truly doing your bit for the environment. You can enjoy new composite doors that provide lasting quality and won’t need to worry about replacing it for several years.

Securing Your Gillingham Home

Thanks to the clever composition of our composite doors in Gillingham, you can enjoy an incredibly durable door. This makes it an efficient barrier against modern burglary techniques and would-be intruders. We aim to provide the best security possible, which is why we equip our composite front doors with advanced locking from Ultion. The strength and security offer complete protection.

At Affix Windows, we pride ourselves on offering a range of attractive Composite Doors to customers in Gillingham. Our door collection has been designed to fit a wide variety of homes, providing a good performance in every property. As well as choosing the right colour to match your décor, our customers can customise their composite door with a range of door furniture and accessories to fit their property.

One benefit of a composite door is they have virtually no drawbacks compared to the timber door this seeks to replicate. Our doors are manufactured from a variety of high-quality materials that complement each other. The result: a door that offers lots of strengths and no weaknesses, giving you a high-performance that will last for years.

To give our Gillingham double glazing customers complete peace of mind that they’re receiving the best door, we use market-leading profiles such as Solidor and Endurance. By using these profiles, you’ll get a beautiful looking door that will warm, secure & enhance your property. Thanks to their wooden look, these doors are the perfect wooden door replacements.

Unlike timber, you won’t have to worry about the burden of high-maintenance issues. The treatment applied to these doors enables them to resist the damaging actions of water, heat, cold and physical wear and tear. The result; a composite door that will provide many years of service to your Gillingham home.

Composite Doors Gillingham

Affix Composite Door Features

Our double glazed composite doors have been manufactured to improve the performance of your Gillingham home. These are just some of the features you can enjoy:

Durable Composite Doors

With a composite door from Affix Windows, you can enjoy the reassurance that comes with a market-leading product. As a result, our composite entrance doors are guaranteed to give you many years of quality and consistent use.

Variety of Choice

With our comprehensive composite door collection, you can choose from a range of door designs. Ranging from modern to traditional, ornate to minimalist, we can offer the right look and door for every Gillingham home. We also offer a stunning selection of colours and hardware design, allowing you to pick the best door for your home.

composite doors in gillingham

Heating Your Home

The insulated core of the composite door allows you to keep your Kent home warm and cosy. The composite door will keep your house at a comfortable temperature and reduce your reliance on central heating. As you use it less, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

Low Maintenance Door

Despite our composite doors looking like a traditional timber door, you won’t be burdened by the same high maintenance issues. These doors are manufactured with external plastic skins, protecting the inner layers from the effects of heat and moisture. Through this, you won’t have to worry about rot, decay, warping or buckling. The colour will remain in-tact for many years and won’t require repainting. All the Gillingham homeowner has to do is give these doors an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Securing Your Home

Our composite doors offer immense strength and rigidity, something that is enhanced further with state-of-the-art locking that we fit within the door. As a result, your family and your home will be protected from any break-in attempt.

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