Durable Profiles

Gillingham homeowners looking for an affordable and durable upgrade for their conservatory should definitely consider our range of conservatory refurbishment options. Our premium conservatories are expertly constructed using only the highest quality uPVC and aluminium materials, making them strong and resilient to the elements. Furthermore, if there are any minor issues such as scratches and other signs of wear around your conservatory, we also offer repair services such as uPVC mark and scratch removal, so you can retain the original shape of your conservatory with minimal effort and cost.

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

At Affix Windows, our double glazing conservatories provide unbeatable thermal efficiency and heat retention. This is backed up by our window sill repairs, ensuring that any small spaces or cracks which could be allowing in drafts are swiftly dealt with. This means that Gillingham homeowners are guaranteed the highest possible performance from their conservatory refurbishments, with far less heat escaping from the property.

Bespoke Conservatory Refurbishments

Our customers are always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to designing and refurbishing conservatories or home extensions. That’s why we offer a wide range of designs and styles that can be tailored to each individual, allowing them to put their own stamp on the end result and feel truly in control of the design process.

Transform Your Gillingham Home

At Affix Windows we install more than just industry-leading double glazing. Our range of conservatory refurbishments combines outstanding performance values and stunning aesthetics to ensure homeowners in Gillingham get the best of both worlds. We offer a variety of styles and designs to ensure that our customers can find the perfect replacement conservatory for their property.

Enhanced Performance

At Affix Windows, we know that Gillingham homeowners want to be able to trust that the conservatory refurbishments that they have invested in will stand the test of time. That’s why we focus our home extensions on enhanced security, longevity and durability, so that you can enjoy your space for years to come with minimal upkeep or maintenance. We are proud to work closely with leading manufactures to source only the highest quality materials and build processes, including Ultraframe conservatories designed to provide reliable protection even during the most difficult weather conditions. Better still, our uPVC and aluminium frames are impervious to warping, cracking and rot, providing Gillingham customers with tension-free comfort.

Customisable Designs

Our tailored conservatory refurbishments for Gillingham properties offer something for everyone. You can choose from a wide range of colours, hardware, and double-glazing options to make your new space unique to you. Whether you’re looking for a more modern look, or a traditional classic, our team of expert installers will help you to make your dream home improvement come to life. They will be there to advise you every step of the way, providing the best advice and support to ensure that you get the upgrade you need and that it meets your expectations. With so many great customization options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect option that complements your home.

Excellent Efficiency

The clever design of our home extensions ensures maximum efficiency and insulation, trapping the warm air inside your Gillingham home and in turn keeping it warm via natural means. This could reduce your need to rely heavily on your central heating to warm the house and in turn, save you money on your energy bills as well as reduce your overall carbon footprint. This efficient design of your home means that you can be sure of being warm and comfortable over the winter months without any additional costs. Moreover, you can rest assured that you are also playing a part in reducing your carbon footprint, helping to look after our environment.

Expert Service

Our team of experts will discuss with you the vast array of options available for your conservatory refurbishment, from the most basic subtle design to the most elaborate outdoor room. During the planning and design phase, our team will provide you with detailed advice and options tailored to you, maximising the potential of your uPVC or aluminium conservatory. We will not just recommend the same solution for every Gillingham home, let us work together to bring your vision to life. Our experienced installers will also be able to give you ideas on additional features you could use to really bring your dream conservatory refurbishment to life, with many years of industry experience they are sure to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Choosing Affix Windows for your new conservatory refurbishment means enjoying a fully bespoke home improvement project, suited to your personal requirements, perfectly complementing the existing architecture of your London home.

Conservatories Installed in Bexleyheath

Conservatory Refurbishment Styles

Victorian Conservatory Refurbishments

This garden room is designed to be multi-functional and to meet the needs of every homeowner. Its panoramic views of your garden will bring great pleasure and visual stimulation, while its design facilitates the flow of natural light to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can make use of the spacious area, no matter the season, as the garden room is purpose-built to remain comfortable year-round.

Edwardian Conservatory Refurbishments

Edwardian conservatory refurbishments provide a timeless aesthetic, suitable for any Gillingham home. The conservatories can come in either aluminium or uPVC materials, allowing you to choose the one that suits your home the best. The style of Edwardian conservatory usually features a square or rectangle base with thin sightlines, which create a fresh and modern atmosphere in the home.

Lean-To Conservatory Refurbishments

Lean-To conservatory replacements are typically attached to one side of a property and can be custom-designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces. The low roofline means that are perfect for properties with low eaves. They offer complete flexibility, allowing this conservatory style to be used for a variety of purposes.

Aluminium Conservatories in Bexleyheath

Gable Conservatory Refurbishments

Gable conservatory refurbishments offer a dramatic, yet elegant design that will give your Gillingham home a bold aesthetic. The high ceiling design of this conservatory style will provide you with a space that is bright and airy. The gable front roof makes the conservatory unique, with the historical architectural element adding characteristic charm to your property.

uPVC Conservatory Refurbishments

Our range of uPVC conservatory refurbishment boast impressive aesthetics and even more impressive performance benefits. We offer our replacement conservatories in a range of styles, allowing you to choose a design that works best for your Gillingham home.

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