How Does Double Glazing Improve Energy Efficiency?

Here at Affix, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality home improvement solutions across Kent, including in Blackfen, Sidcup, Dartford, Welling, Bexleyheath, Chislehurst, Bromley and around London. We provide an amazing selection of affordable double glazing options, including doors, windows, conservatories and more. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service, attention to detail and quality products that make us stand out in the home improvement industry. 

At Affix Windows, we strive for environmental sustainability with our selection of double-glazed windows and doors. Our A-rated windows come with a 10-year warranty and achieve outstanding energy-efficiency from their impressive U-values. We also offer a range of alternative double glazing profiles, with options including aluminium, timber, uPVC, and composite. We know that working towards a sustainable planet is more important than ever- and that’s why we’re proud that our products contribute to greener living in the UK. With energy bills constantly on the rise, there’s no better time than now to invest in a double glazed window solution. 

Often, we’re asked how double glazing works, and how it can improve the energy efficiency of the homes it’s installed in. Here, we tackle all your burning questions relating to double glazing- exploring how it’s made, how it functions, and why it’s a good investment for your home. We care about homeowners making the right decisions for their properties, each and every time, which is why we strive to supply expert advice when it comes to choosing home improvements. Let’s get into the main point of this article- how does double glazing improve energy efficiency?

How Double Glazing Works

Double glazing works by trapping pockets of still air in between two panes of glass, creating an insulated barrier that reduces the amount of heat or cold entering your home. This air is sealed between the glass, preventing heat transfer, and the edges of the sealed unit are lined with a sealant that helps to prevent moisture and condensation- common causes of damage when it comes to windows and doors. Appropriate spacers and frames are then used to ensure that this crucial insulation gap is maintained between the two glazed panes, helping to form an effective thermal barrier. This barrier helps to keep your home thermally efficient- which, in turn, helps to lower your energy bills. 

Double glazing is an important part of energy efficient home design, as it creates a barrier between the inside and outside of your property. This helps to reduce heat loss through windows, doors and conservatories by preventing cold air from entering your home, while simultaneously preventing warm air from escaping. 

However, this isn’t the only advantage of double glazed window design. Double glazing helps to reduce noise from busier neighbourhoods, making it perfect for those living on busier transport routes, near main city centres or around airports. This works because the air between the two glass panes absorbs sound waves, minimising sound transmission from the outdoors. This can help to keep your home happy and comfy, improving your quality of life- particularly in busy urban areas where noise can be particularly stressful. 

Double glazing also offers improved UV protection compared to standard single glazing, blocking up to 95% of ultraviolet rays. This is important for a variety of reasons- not just for keeping your home cool! Blocking UV rays helps to limit the sun’s ability to fade or damage your furniture, which is a common problem for properties that suffer from increased sun exposure. This makes double glazing perfect for protecting the people and things you love. 

How is Double Glazing Energy Efficient?

Double glazed windows are an energy-efficient solution that help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This helps your home contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly living environment for everyone! Double glazing helps you to reduce your reliance on internal heating, helping your property to save energy time and time again. This is super important in today’s world, where energy bills continue to skyrocket. By helping to conserve natural resources, you’re reducing your carbon footprint every single day when you invest in good quality double glazing- perfect for the environment as well as your wallet.

Double glazing installations don’t have to be simple- they can still make a statement in any home they’re installed in! For more information about our range, browse our website or check out our online contact form- we’d be happy to chat with you. 

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