Durable Designs

Our uPVC doors can stand the test of time for your Chislehurst home. uPVC profiles are less likely to wear down than timber, as the material is more resistant. Additionally, our doors have stainless steel hardware which the uPVC frames protect from wind and rain. Your door will stay strong, then, against potential intruders.

Weatherproofed Design

Old wooden doors can be difficult to maintain. When the weather turns on you, wind and rain could cause damage to the frames. Because of this, you could spend lots of time sanding, varnishing and painting your doors to look their best. However, uPVC doors are fully weatherproof and scratch-resistant, meaning they always look theirs.

Energy Efficient

Your doors and windows could be letting up to 80% of your home’s energy escape! With our uPVC doors, though, you can keep much more of it. Our doors have superb insulation thanks to their dense uPVC profiles, meaning you can keep warm in winter. You’ll block cold air from outside too, helping you save money on your energy bills!

If you want good looks combined with practical features, our double glazing in Chislehurst are the right choice. These doors provide you with excellent features at a great value. As a result, you can improve your home’s looks and performance at the same time.

Our uPVC doors in Chislehurst and the surrounding areas are quite unbeatable when it comes to thermal performance. They help you create a warmer home by keeping out draughts. Additionally, they keep out rainwater as well, so you have a warm as well as dry home. They are also quite effective at keeping out intruders, giving you a safer home and a better-protected family.

We offer a complete selection of doors styles, to be used as uPVC front doors or uPVC back doors. Our collection includes stable doors and uPVC patio doors. Each of these styles gives you a fantastic set of advantages as well as the versatility of use.

Our affordable yet durable uPVC doors are sourced from industry-leaders Profile 22. We like to give our Chislehurst customers variety as well as the guarantee of unwavering performance. Each one of our doors is tested for strength and resilience. They will last you years without breaking down or losing their smooth performance.

The best part about these uPVC doors is that they can convincingly replicate the classic timber look with our wood-grain finishes. This means you can replicate the traditional look but without the need for intensive care. uPVC requires nothing more than a quick wipe with a wet cloth to remain clean and bright for a long time.

At Affix, we have a wide range of attractive uPVC doors to choose from for your Chislehurst home. uPVC doors can improve your home in several ways, adding a bold new entrance that makes a lasting impact. Unlike wooden doors, uPVC designs are fully weatherproof and highly durable. As a result, they’ll keep their shape, strength and style for decades to come without regular maintenance.

During that time, they’ll enhance the performance of your Chislehurst home too. Our uPVC doors can achieve leading thermal efficiency levels, making sure you can stay warm while spending less on energy bills. Not only that, our doors come loaded with the latest security hardware to keep you safe from intruders.

Because uPVC is such a versatile material, we can offer uPVC doors in a wide range of designs. You could invest in a brand-new front door, or you can opt for a back door if you’d like to upgrade your other entrance. Alternatively, you could transform the way your home opens up to nature with fully glazed uPVC French doors and uPVC patio doors!

With all of these designs, you’ll also benefit from uPVC profiles that come from Profile 22, a market-leading designer. Profile 22’s doors are affordable and provide better value-for-money the longer they last. With Affix’s doors, you can get up to 30 years of top performance for your home, helping you make an investment that lasts.

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Multi Chambered Profile

Our uPVC doors come with a specially-designed multi-chambered profile. Because of this, your doors will make your home more comfortable no matter the weather. In your profiles, pockets of warm air inside the frames provide a thermal blanket, ensuring no transfer of heat occurs from inside to outside. Also, advanced double glazing provides another thermal barrier, reducing your heating bills and your carbon footprint!

Low Maintenance

uPVC doors have a durable surface. Because of this, these doors are scratch-resistant and non-porous. Your paint coating won’t wear down or fade as a result, with stains struggling to set in. Colours can last on uPVC doors for decades, then, and you’ll only need to wipe your door down with a damp cloth to make them look their best for your Chislehurst home. Your uPVC frames will protect the hardware from dirt and debris too.

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Highly Secure

At Affix, we care about nothing more than your security. Our uPVC doors come with the latest locking systems to keep you safe inside your Chislehurst home. We ensure our doors come with tamper-proof locks that resist breaking and picking attempts. Additionally, multi-point locking systems keep any glazing in place. We’re proud that our uPVC doors achieve Secured by Design accreditation, guaranteeing security for your Chislehurst home.

Custom Designed

You won’t have to settle for uPVC doors that aren’t the perfect choice for your Chislehurst home either. At Affix, we work around you, which is why all of our uPVC doors are fully customisable. With our range of colours and finishes, you can style the look of your door around your home. Not only that, we offer hardware and accessories to make your doors more functional too. Choose Affix for bespoke uPVC doors in Chislehurst!

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