Robust Profiles

Nothing is more important than the security of your home. This is one of the reasons we refuse to cut any corners with the strength and resilience of your uPVC entrance doors and installations. These doors are tested and proven to be sturdy. They are also installed using good quality stainless steel fittings that are tamper-proof. As a result, they cannot be taken out easily.

Low Maintenance

The low-maintenance nature is a result of the uPVC body. This material easily resists scratches, and the colour is treated so that it does not peel, flake, or scratch. In fact, our uPVC doors in Dartford retain their new-like appearance even when constantly exposed to the elements. What’s more, since any stains don’t get absorbed, you simply wipe them off.

Multi Chambered Profile

The impressive thermal performance is due to the broken-up profile of our uPVC doors. The gaps inside the profile trap pockets of warm air and create a layer of insulation. This blanket of warm air will stop the heat from escaping. On top of this, the glazing used within our doors holds similar properties.

At Affix Windows, we give our customers a comprehensive selection of double glazing in Dartford. These doors make it easier for you to improve the appearance and the performance of your home. In fact, with the competitive door prices we offer, you can transform your home in a cost-effective way.

Our uPVC doors provide you with some amazing features. The first transformation you will notice is how well they insulate your home. We install doors with strategically broken up uPVC profiles; these help your doors to trap the heat inside, making your home warmer. Our panel door options will also protect your home from extreme weather, as well as being secure enough to keep out any unwanted visitors.

We offer a comprehensive selection of uPVC door designs for your home. These include beautiful uPVC front doors and backdoors. However, we also provide a vast set of options for backdoors such as classic uPVC stable doors.
For larger apertures and an influx of light, you can opt for uPVC bi-folding doors and uPVC patio doors to create the perfect entrance to your garden.

We carefully select our uPVC doors and frames from manufacturers who have proven to be reliable. This is why industry-leading names to supply our uPVC doors. These names are synonymous with hard-wearing resilience and great performance. As a result, they will continue to look and perform consistently throughout their lives.

You can even use them to replace wooden doors with our woodgrain foil options. Whether you choose coloured uPVC doors or timber-finished doors, you will get striking looks and great performance with minimal care.

uPVC Door Styles Dartford

Bespoke Designs

uPVC doors can be matched to your property perfectly with a variety of colours. You have the option to choose from realistic wood finishes to recreate the timber look, brilliant white for a clean and crisp aesthetic, and a variety of bold colours to make your new entrance stand out. With our comprehensive uPVC door designs, you will be able to create the entrance of your dreams.

Timber Alternative

Whether you choose our coloured uPVC doors or a woodgrain finish, you get a new front or back door that are incredibly easy to care for. You can easily replicate the timber aesthetic with none of the sanding, varnishing, or painting that comes with it. Our uPVC doors need a simple wipe down with a wet cloth and nothing more in order to look clean and bright.

uPVC Door Online Prices Dartford

Thermally Efficient Doors

If you are looking for a warmer home, a door with no thermal efficient qualities will not help. Old doors can let up to 80% of your heating escape. With our replacement doors, you will find that your home becomes significantly warmer. Even on the coldest day, you won’t need as much heating. As a result, your heating bills will go down as will your carbon footprint.

Complete Protection

We give you uPVC doors fitted with state-of-the-art locking systems. These locks supplement the strength of your doors to give you a home that is well-protected against intruders. Our locks offer such incredible levels of security that the doors can easily achieve a Secured by Design accreditation. This way, you and your family can sleep easy.

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