Since uPVC windows are inherently strong, they add to the overall security of your Dartford home. What’s more, we give you uPVC window frames that are reinforced for additional strength. These frames can be installed with a variety of fixtures so that the windows cannot be dismantled or broken into easily. Combined with the high-security locks we fit, your windows can easily achieve the Secured by Design certification.

Acoustic Insulation

With the seals and high-quality double glazing we provide, our windows not only give great thermal insulation but also acoustic insulation. These windows have seals that block out both the weather and the loud sounds that are inevitable in a city. As a result, even if you live on a busy road in Dartford, you are sure to get a peaceful night’s sleep with our windows profile and double glazing.


Unlike wooden windows, our uPVC window colours are quite resilient. The surface is scratch-resistant, and of course, quite non-absorbent. As a result, they don’t require regular upkeep the way timber windows do. You don’t have to sand, polish, varnish or paint them. In fact, the only care they need is occasional wiping down with a wet cloth and clearing out the dirt and debris. This is all you need to do in order to keep your windows clean.


Since our double glazed uPVC windows last so long, you don’t need to replace them too frequently. Even when you do, we give you a 100% recyclable uPVC profile.

These windows can be recycled and reused over and over again, with no loss in performance. As a result, they don’t add to the landfills or add to the burden on the environment. Combined with the energy they save in heating, these uPVC windows are the truly responsible choice.


In addition to being amazingly robust, the uPVC window frames are also quite non-corrosive. These profiles also don’t absorb water, which means any stains remain on the surface. Additionally, these windows also don’t rot or decay, or warp and crack, when wet.

In fact, they can be exposed to the elements all the time and yet won’t lose their brightness or their structural integrity. As a result, they last you much longer than other windows.

Thermal Efficiency

Our uPVC windows are built using modern technology. They come with an innovative broken-up uPVC profile that helps keep your Dartford home well-insulated.

What’s more, we also give you effective weather sealing and double glazing. As a result, our double glazed uPVC windows help lower your energy bills and yet give you a more comfortable and drier home. You will never have to worry about the cold, draughts, or rain in your home.

uPVC window prices Dartford

uPVC Windows For Your Dartford Home

At Affix Windows, you can get an incredible variety of high-quality uPVC windows in Dartford, Kent. Our windows are a cost-effective alternative to timber or aluminium windows. What’s more, they provide amazing features that improve the performance of your home, including thermal efficiency and security.

In addition, our replacement uPVC windows possess the strength of uPVC, making them a durable and long-lasting choice. What’s more, they don’t even need as much care in order to look good and perform well.

The best part is, these double glazed uPVC windows are available in a stunning range of colours and finishes. As a result, you are better able to tailor them to suit your needs and the aesthetics of your Dartford home.

uPVC window prices Dartford

uPVC Window Styles to Enhance Your Dartford Home

Double glazed uPVC casement windows are the UK’s most popular style. Giving you an endless choice of styles and finishes, uPVC Casement windows are thermally efficient, highly secure, and eternally attractive.

uPVC French Casement Windows give you a brighter room and a wider opening to your Dartford home.  They provide you with a better view of the outside, and double up as a fire escape!

With uPVC bow and bay windows, you get a fantastic view of the outside, enhanced illumination, and an elegant feature in your room. These stunning windows make your room look brighter and more inviting.

If you own a heritage property in Dartford, you might need replacement sliding sash windows. With our uPVC sliding sash windows, you get the same traditional style but with modern features. You can even get them to look like wooden windows with our woodgrain foil options.

Nothing beats uPVC tilt and turn windows when it comes to versatile use. These windows are incredibly secure and provide controlled ventilation. They are even amazingly safe to clean and maintain.

If your Dartford home has the traditional timber aesthetic, our uPVC flush sash windows can help you retain that look but improve the performance. These sleek windows are also great for enhanced natural lighting.

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At Affix Windows, we offer a number of uPVC window colour, finish, style, design, and even glazing options so you can customise your window to match your home and your personality.

We make it extremely easy for you to find out your uPVC window cost as well. Just submit your details and design your new window, and we will be in touch with your personalised price. Its really that simple.

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