10 Energy Saving Tips to Save a Pretty Penny

Many of us would like to do our part for the environment, but simply don’t know where to start. The great news is that by making a few simple changes, we can not only reduce our carbon footprint…we can enjoy some impressive savings too!

It couldn’t be easier to make changes that will make a difference. Try following some of these energy saving tips. They won’t cost you a penny but may save you pounds.

1. Wrap up to stay warm

It may sound obvious, but layering up with jumpers, slippers and a dressing gown could save you a small fortune in heating bills. Too often we are tempted to shift the temperature up a notch, rather than reach for a cosy blanket.

2. Keep heating low and steady

Keeping your heating on at a lower temperature around the clock is less expensive than turning it on and off intermittently at high temperatures.

3. Every little makes a difference

Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C can mean a saving of up to £60 a year.

4. Make the most of the heat from your oven

After cooking, leave your oven door open and let the heat warm your home. It may mean you can turn your thermostat down a fraction.

5. Save time and cook in bulk

Why not cook a few meals in one go or make large portions to siphon some off for the next few days? It will reduce the time and effort you have to put into cooking, along with your electricity or gas use.

6. Use a washing line

Hanging your laundry out to dry in the garden is far more efficient than using your tumble drier needlessly on a nice day. Plus, air-dried clothes smell wonderfully fresh.

7. Eliminate ironing time

Avoid crumpled clothes by taking them out of the tumble drier before they have dried totally. They’ll be far quicker and easier to iron.

8. Switch off appliances

Having appliances on standby when they’re not in use can consume more energy than you may think. Turn them off at the mains after every use.

9. Making saving energy fun for the kids

Get the children into good habits early on by treating saving energy like a game. Award points to them every time they spot a light or appliance switched on needlessly.

10. Let the sun heat your home

Open your curtains wide on a sunny day and let the rays fill your house with warmth. Don’t forget, however, to close them on colder days to prevent drafts and keep in the heat.

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