5 Reasons Why You Should be Upgrading Your Home in 2023

Despite our challenges with rising living costs, interest rates rapidly increasing and the war in Ukraine, households are renovating their homes. Here at Affix, we have compiled a guide with our top five reasons to focus on when upgrading your home this year.

Whilst everyone’s situation is different, many homeowners are looking to upgrade the thermal efficiency and security of their Kent property. When undertaking these projects, a meticulous eye for detail is needed to consider timeless design, which will ultimately increase a home’s curb appeal. 

Most of us like to think our property will reward us financially if we look after it, but which home improvements tend to pay off? Our five reasons for upgrading your home are to increase thermal comfort, security and curb appeal. Whereas our homes were just a place to come home to after working in an office, for example, they are now becoming places of work. Therefore another reason to renovate your home is for additional space with modern features. Keep reading to find out more. 

Many people begin remodelling their homes in 2023 since, as the saying goes, a new year calls for new home improvement projects. Please keep reading for Affix’s top five reasons homeowners should upgrade their Kent home.

Increase Thermal Efficiency 

The cost of living crisis is most homeowners’ primary driver and top priority when considering home repair initiatives. Our nation has experienced a sharp rise in inflation over the past year, which has increased the cost of energy bills. This year’s fast ascent will continue approaching April. At Affix, we provide window and door profiles that offer optimal thermal efficiency. 

We offer precision-engineered double-glazing and triple-glazing products to ensure your home offers this thermal comfort. Each product we install provides a minimum energy rating of B and incredibly low U-values. This is further enhanced with the choice of triple glazing. Investing in efficient profiles now will ultimately provide a return on investment later. Living in a warm home will see your reliance on central heating lessen. Overall this could reduce energy bills, helping our Kent homeowners with the current energy crisis. 

Increase Property Value 

Although moving is only the goal for some, the attractiveness of your property to potential buyers is something you should always consider. The curb appeal will increase every time you upgrade or add something to a property. First impressions do count. Leaving the exterior untidy will have people questioning the interior before stepping through the door.

Installing our high-quality window and door profiles will add to the overall attractiveness. Homeowners will always have the design capacity to customise each profile to complement their home’s overall architecture truly. 

Timeless and Modern Design 

When enhancing your property, thinking about timeless designs, colours, and styles is essential to ensure your decisions are a long-term investment. From a wide range of choices, Kent homeowners are not only upgrading the performance and functionality and reinventing how their house looks and feels, creating pleasing aesthetics. 

Choosing a standard colour, including anthracite grey, black, white or cream profiles, stand the test of time. Pastel colours can highly complement the exterior aesthetically depending on the house colour. On the other hand, if you previously had timber profiles, you can replicate this appearance by opting for aluminium or uPVC profiles and choosing a woodgrain foil. This means you can get the timber visual without the tedious maintenance. Whichever colour you choose will add to the curb appeal of your property as they come with a premium powder coating on the colour to ensure they do not fade when faced with uncertain British weather. 

Aluminium Windows, cost Blackfen

With designs changing and technology helping manufacturers alter and adapt older products in line with interior trends, you can modernise your home quickly. 

Increase Security

Homeowners’ top priority is security. Upgrading your property will always increase the security of your home as technological advancements are constantly improving. We understand that security is the homeowner’s top priority and something you should consider when planning your home improvements in 2023. 

All of our products offer heightened security. We offer multi-point locking systems as standard in all of our windows and doors. Peace of mind comes with every installation! Our high-quality aluminium range is superior. Aluminium is known in the industry for being highly durable. Additionally, Aluminium offers impressive standards of strength, despite its sleek structure. This allows them to provide you with an exceptional degree of home security.

Extra Space

House extensions, conservatories and loft conversions are the best home extension options. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many wanting home offices, more communal spaces or gyms. However, with house prices increasing rapidly, many people wonder if extending is more beneficial. With home offices becoming all more critical with the rise of hybrid and remote working, expanding your home to make room for more space is growing in popularity. An extension will help add value to your home and create space. 

Increasing the square floor footage gives value in situations where space is a premium. Nonetheless, homes’ functionality, layout, and design are becoming increasingly crucial. Home buyers want the room but tasteful extensions and modern open-plan living areas offered by extensions are value-generating.

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Affix is a market-leading company offering high-quality products to renovate homes in and around Kent. We have products across all areas, including windows, doors, conservatories, and roofline, which can be customised to homeowners’ exact requirements and creative vision. 

To learn more about our various products and how they can help upgrade your home in 2023, fill out our online contact form to ask our expert staff any questions. Alternatively, if you have an idea of the home improvements you want to undertake, please use our online quoting tool to get personalised quotes. It’s simple and only takes a couple of minutes. 

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