Summer Conservatory Living

With the British weather what it is, we treasure the few short months of summer sunshine. Who can blame us for wanting to make the most of the rare bit of warm weather we get? All of a sudden, our gardens become a haven for sun-worshipping and many are fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of a conservatory.

These extensions really come into their own in the hotter months, and it’s easy to see the benefits. If you’ve been thinking for a while about whether to invest in one yourself, but aren’t yet totally convinced, consider just how many uses they can have.

Make the most of the lighter evenings

As the evenings take longer to draw in, there are some beautiful sunsets to enjoy. However, despite it being summer, it can still get rather nippy later on. Most will retreat early so as not to get cold, missing out on some beautiful sights, but those with a conservatory can relax in comfort and warmth, watching the sun go down with a glass of wine or two.

Enjoy the summer sport in style

There’s always some sporting spectacle on the telly over the summer. Whether it’s the World Cup, The Olympics or Wimbledon, we love to cheer on our nation’s heroes from the comfort of our own homes. It’s a great time to get together with friends and family to wine and dine while screaming at the TV screen. A conservatory can make the ideal venue for entertaining – roomy enough to house your guests, a big screen and plenty of seating, just invite them around, serve up some snacks and get ready for the action.

Avoid that sticky summer feeling

As much as we love the warmth, most of us hate that stuffy feeling indoors. You could invest in fans for every room in the house…or you could enjoy the more pleasant solution of a bespoke conservatory. This allows you to improve the air flow throughout your home, avoiding those restless, hot nights.

A brighter home

A dark home can feel depressing, particularly in the summer months when it’s so beautiful outside. A house which suffers from bad lighting can feel gloomy and claustrophobic. Adding a glass structure can improve this situation vastly, letting light shine in through its large windows and bringing the sunshine in.

Throw a barbecue without the worry

Many of us are familiar with this scenario – you’ve spent weeks organising a barbecue, only for the day to arrive and the rain to fall. Our unpredictable weather means we can never assume sun is guaranteed over the summer. But those with a conservatory needn’t fear, as at the first sign of a downpour, guests can quickly be hurried indoors to the perfect shelter.

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